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Hello, my name is Winnie Slone. Welcome to my site about HVAC contractor services. The HVAC equipment in my home was in a serious state of disrepair after living there for several years. I was absolutely clueless about the maintenance schedule required for each of the components. As a result, all of the filters and ducts were clogged with dust and debris. My HVAC contractor helped restore the function of each of the components in the system. I want to share the information I learned throughout that process to help others avoid making the same mistakes. Please visit again soon to learn more.


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How Your Air Conditioner Improves Air Quality

Your air conditioning unit not only affects the temperature of your home, but it also affects the quality of your air. The air conditioner has the power to filter out contaminants and particulates from the air you breathe. Therefore, you will want to make sure that your HVAC system is well-designed so that you can have fresh, clean air.

Bring In Fresh Air

One of the advantages of an air conditioning unit is that it brings in air from outside. Even if you live in a location that has poor air quality, the air outside is still better than the air inside. Harmful chemicals can easily build up inside and can make you ill. There is more air to dilute the harmful chemicals in the outdoor air.

Remove Odors

In addition to harmful contaminants in the air, your home might smell very bad if there isn't adequate ventilation. Your home will smell bad because there is nothing to remove the terrible odors from the air in your home. Air ventilation is especially important in modern homes because your home is otherwise airtight due to building standards. 

Remove Contaminants

Each time you run your AC unit, the air in your home passes through a filter. It removes dust, pollen, and pet hair. Also, the type of filter you use can affect how much it can filter. The best filters are even able to trap and remove viruses.

Reduce Mold Growth

Another advantage of having great ventilation is that you'll be able to reduce mold growth. The AC unit is able to pull out the excess moisture that causes mold to grow.

Make Sure Your HVAC System is Designed Properly

However, to see all of the benefits of an HVAC system, you must make sure that it is in good condition and that it is properly designed. For example, if air vents have leaks, this can lead to back-drafting and can reduce the direction of airflow. 

You will also be able to improve the purifying benefits of your AC unit by using air purifying products that can be integrated into your AC unit. These include ionization technology and air purifiers. These technologies can kill pathogens and bacteria that are normally able to make their way into your home. However, these systems usually need to be configured in the right way to work properly. Therefore, you will always want your AC unit configured by an AC technician.

Contact a local AC service contractor to learn more about ways to improve your air quality.